We don't have a dream but we have plenty of goals to meet. All because we simply do not want to be one of the many, we want to become the one. Making promises to our guests is not enough to pursuit our goal, a commitment needs to be set.

Crafting Sparks

Happiness is what we are actively trying to provide to our guests. It is an experience of joy, positive well-being, and a meaningful life. We deliberately kept on crafting memorable moments of truth in all aspects by prioritizing our guest’s individual desire. We firmly believe everyone will find their spark of joy with us.

Only the Finest

Only the Finest The allure of quality has always been our big thing. We strive for the ultimate standards in all Libre properties. We emphasize on “timing”. We are passionate and patient; we wait for the right time to do things in the right ways and the right principles for the best of all people.

Sustainable Fashion

The rapid growth of economy globally coincided with the exploit of the environment. As a lifestyle collection, we embrace the ideals of enjoying life in a sustainable fashion. We understand our efforts in sustainability serves the interest of our future generations; hence we are responsible and accountable by all means.


Resorts Investment & Management

Group Libre invests, develops and manages all resorts brands under its collection. It has extensive experiences in master planning, property management, pre-opening, operations and asset management. Group Libre operates and introduces other luxury resorts brands, working hand-in-hand with investors.

Lifestyle Commercial

Group Libre Resorts are located in beautiful, tranquil areas often where modern commercial streets are not found. These destinations are often in need of new lifestyle commercials to cater the younger generations’ social needs. Group Libre’s experienced professionals use a cost efficient structure to deliver superior investment across retail, cinema, pet hotel, and children centers. For instance, Living works focuses and emphasises on art designed by local artisans. We are keen on new innovative developments.


People are much more health conscious than ever before, and consumers demand more from the wellness industry. Consumer Healthcare is a $502 billion market that will grow by almost 50 percent to $737 billion over the next five years. As for us, wellness plays a prominent role in Group Libre’s lifestyle collection. Within the collection we have Reminisce Onsen & Spa pioneered in implementing the authentic Japanese Onsen & Spa together with world class well-being knowledge from architecture and construction to employee training, and ongoing services. The team has extensive know-how and experiences within the hot spring field. They use their expertises, resources to find a natural hot spring site that qualifies for developing. Apart from that, we have developed Space Libre an indoor all season sports complex, where people can seek their personal limits within a safe environment in the city center. Space Libre can provide a complete package for any indoor sports center, including planning, designing, installation, managing of all services.

Vacation Ownership

Vacation ownership is a timeshare tool where hospitality and real estate combines. Group Libre is an international resorts creator that grows at a robust pace with the support of its investors who can navigate all stages of the real estate investment cycle. Timeshare can help increase return on investment by balancing out the low season of the hospitality industry. This instrument is executed by one buying timeshare, exchanging timeshare, and selling timeshare. One can buy a timeshare within a property and stay there a week or a few weeks each year; where multiple parties share the ownership of the property. Owners of a timeshare can exchange his/her timeshare for a reservation in any of other Group Libre’s resort collection. Timeshare can be sold and converted into reward points to use in other Group Libre’s hospitality brands. This can support the occupancy of the resort annually.