It is an One For All journey of the destination designed to bring you closer to the people, the ideas and the experiences that allow you to put more into and get more out of life. At Libre Resorts, it is about enjoying family time and reset your button for life. We will be your guides and travel companions on shared adventures and discoveries.

Libre Resorts Huangshan

Located in the subtropics of Huizhou, where Shanshui 'mountain and water' style of the mid-16th century are depicted. Art cannot justify this awe-inspiring spectacle.
As The Peony Pavilion once wrote in the poem: Huizhou is a dreamland and is always my most-adored place. Speaking of Huizhou it was famous for its respectable businessman who are very well educated.

Libre Resorts Huangshan has 525 artistic rooms designed to unify the space and have the room work for the whole family. Having a cozy mood presenting a comforting touchstone. The rooms embody the free spirit of Libre style: having an elegant and comfortable, spacious area. For instance, our kids’room features mega-beds creating a perfect playground for the little ones. It is specially tailored for the complete Libre experience of our guests.

The Village Kitchen carefully sources ingredients grown locally on the Libre Farm. The fresh, seasonal, finest ingredients will be crafted by our passionate gastronomic chefs in the live kitchen drawing an authentic culinary experience that will tickle your taste buds.

Libre Resorts Lijiang

Come to lijiang, meet oneself, forget the past, stroll the ancient city to feel leisurely and comfortable time of a flower a wood, let the afternoon one meter of sunshine suddenly shine into the heart the most soft place.

Esorts hosts 455 deluxe rooms and 86 luxurious villas, contemporary style meets the Naxi style of this evocative locale. Enjoy snow mountain views and surrounded by astonishing landscape, immerse unique a backdrop of enchanting culture, while Deluxe Family Room for your entire family and crib bed rooms for kids.

Lijiang Snow Mountain International Convention and Exhibition Center is the largest hotel exhibition center in Lijiang, also is the Southwest,The largest convention center in the district includes a 2,500-square-meter “Snow Mountain” Grand Ballroom and A 1,000 square meter "Carnival" exhibition hall, 1500 square meters outdoor lawn and 17 Multiple function rooms. Lilang's wedding experts pay attention to every detail to create a perfect wedding; and The combination of destination culture and creative team building activities, "one price to enjoy" conference services,Make organizers worry-free.

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